The Americas’s Cup World Series runs over two years – 2015-2016 – with points totaled over the series.

Standings at the end of the America’s Cup World Series could determine the winner of the America’s Cup Match in June 2017 by deciding which team starts the AC Match with a one point lead!
If there is a tie at the end of the round robin phase of racing in 2017 (officially the “America’s Cup Qualifiers”) the ACWS standings will be used as the tie breaker. The same holds for eliminating challengers: At the end of the round robin, the four top challengers go on to the semi-finals of the Louis Vuitton Cup. If there is a tie for fourth place, the ACWS standings will determine which team is eliminated.

High points scoring system. Sunday races count double points.

Saturday:  1st place 10 points, 2nd place,  9 points,  third place 8 points, … 6th place 5 points.
Sunday:    1st place 20 points, 2nd place 18 points, third place 16 points, … 6th place 10 points.

So last place on Sunday has the value of first place on Saturday. (Don’t worry, this makes no sense to me either.)

More information on the 35th America's Cup format


A majority of the America's Cup challengers agreed with defender Oracle Team USA and decided to drop the AC62 in favor of a new, smaller "America's Cup Class" foiling wing sail catamaran.

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