AC72 Design

AC72 Design – 2013 America’s Cup

What needs to be designed? Lots of things!

AC72 - Platform / hulls
AC72 – Platform / hulls
AC72 -Wing sail
AC72 -Wing sail
AC72 - Foil design
AC72 – Foil design
AC72 - Ergonomics
AC72 – Ergonomics
AC72 controls, electronics and other cool stuff
AC72 controls, electronics and other cool stuff

AC72 design – more cool stuff

How do you control… wing camber and twist? …daggerboard height and angle of incidence? What hydraulics do you need? What instruments and electronics?

The fastest boat usually wins the America’s Cup

Two hulls plus crossbeams. A bowsprit. No deck, just a trampoline made of netting. Hull shape is still important, of course, but with the AC72 catamaran, we have so much more to design to have a “platform” for our wing sail, foils and softsails. 

Aerodynamic        Sophisticated

“USA 17” capsized in mid-October. The most aerodynamic AC72. Much test and development work ahead.  Relaunched in February with wheel steering. Much less twistiness (“racking”). Now foiling fast and stable.

AC72 Emirates Team New Zealand ETNZ challenger America's Cup 2013

Stable           Tested

Designed to foil, ETNZ is stable. Boat 1 had S-foils and a twisting forward wing element – impressive design!  Now sailing their second boat, which launched early February.  They tested C-shaped boards in March. On a ship to SF, will launch there in May.

Complex           Unusual

“Big Red” was designed to skim, not to foil. She crashed 9 May 2013, taking the life of Andrew Simpson. A massive team effort got “Big Blue” on the water in time to race in the Louis Vuitton Cup semi-finals. 

AC72 Prada Luna Rossa challenger America's Cup 2013

Stylish             Solid

Luna Rossa bought New Zealand’s design. Daggerboards are different. What else? The chrome finish on the wing and hulls gives a dramatic look. Like ETNZ, currently in transit to SF and will relaunch there in May.

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